The Burgundy Inn

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In the heart of downtown Ocean City, Maryland! Choosing the right Ocean City, Maryland hotel is important for you and your guest.  Of the Ocean City, MD hotels available to choose from, the Burgundy Inn offers a quality stay with cheap rates.  Just minutes from the famous Ocean City Boardwalk and Atlantic beaches, you'll be at the center of all the fun Ocean City Maryland  to offer.
The Burgundy Inn is a great place to come back to after a long day at the beach and boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland and relax on our tropical deck and cool off in our swimming pool.
The Burgundy Inn is available for your next beach vacation.  We are a great Ocean City Maryland hotel for your next Car Show, Bike Week, Shark Tournament, Tuna Tournament, or the Ocean City White Marlin Open.  Spring Fest, Summer Fest, Fireman Convention, or long weekend.  Ocean City Convention Center holds several special events throughout the year and we would like to earn your stay.
The Burgundy Inn

Recent Reviews

The Burgundy Inn
T Johnson : 5 on 1/26/2024 2:46 pm
Candace and Ms Cheryl work hard to keep guest happy and the property clean and welcoming. They are renovating at it looks great.. I enjoy the big tv in comparison to the small one that was barely visible to me😂. Over all it has been a great experience.. I would definitely book again
5 5
The Burgundy Inn
JillMarie : 5 on 1/25/2024 11:47 pm
Great rooms, one block walk to the boardwalk, the rooms are clean and very up to date. Staff is helpful and friendly, Candace is great at getting you anything you need. I’ll always come back here.
5 5
The Burgundy Inn
Mariah Garrison : 1 on 9/10/2023 2:53 pm
I decided to reach out to The Burgundy Inn three times before writing a review and have still not heard back.

My family and I stayed at The Burgundy Inn two weekends ago. The room we stayed in smelled of mold and had obviously not been cleaned in awhile after seeing the stains on the walls and clumps of dust falling from the ceiling fan. I took photos of all the mold found and the unknown slime/sludge on kitchen wall dripping down. I also have photos of the broken wall, broken blinds on the bathroom windows, as well as a red handprint (possibly blood) on the front door. Other than the place being completely disgusting there were workers constantly painting the walls making it extremely difficult for us to get our family in and out of the room. We also had an incident where a male employee came in unannounced and just opened our door without knocking. The male seemed just as surprised to see us as we were to see him. This made me wonder if this room was even meant for us or if we were just put in the last space available. Another aggravating part was our neighbors in the room below us constantly banged on the ceiling onto our floor as hard as they could. I’m not sure how you expect a room that supposedly fits “17 guests” to be silent at all times. We never made disturbing sounds at night and had one day where my nephew who is autistic was crying at 3 o’clock in the AFTERNOON. The neighbors banged on the floor as loud as they could which only caused him to cry more and was not helpful to the situation at all. Your website clearly states, “No disruptive noises may be made between 12 midnight and 7am” and we followed that every night. I paid almost $1500 for the worst experience I have ever had while traveling. I have already requested a full refund for the inconvenience, lack of cleanliness in the room, and the fact that your employees were constantly around making our stay uncomfortable and have still not heard back.
1 5
The Burgundy Inn