Shore Craft Beer

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We focus on local breweries, craft beer, hotels that offer packages, bars and restaurants, and general education, in addition to highlighting all the fantastic destinations we have here on the Shore.

The idea started in the fall of 2014 when we realized that we had 19 breweries within a one-hour radius of Ocean City. When we released our first brewery guide in 2015, there were 21 breweries. Today, there are more than 26 craft breweries open for business here on the Shore, and that number only continues to grow.

As the craft beer scene has expanded on the Shore, so has Shore Craft Beer. We’ve continued to add new beer festivals to our resume while continuing the old favorites; In 2016 we debuted our Shore Craft Beer app, where we continue to add fun beer challenges where any craft connoisseur can embark on a challenge and win prizes; In 2018 we started “Beer Notes,” the first craft beer-centered radio program available for national syndication; and in 2019 we’re releasing this new brewery guide with added and updated information about all things local craft beer.

We invite you to join us, to enjoy our World Class Beer and World Class Beauty, and to see just what it is that makes the Shore a craft beer destination. Cheers!

Shore Craft Beer