Plim Plaza Hotel
The Plim Plaza in Ocean City Maryland is a great place to begin your day. Settled in the heart of Ocean City, we are within walking distance to fabulous restaurants, OC boardwalk specialty shops and all of the downtown amusements. 
Chairs and umbrellas are available for rent on the beach and the boardwalk trolley runs all day making the Plim Plaza Hotel your one stop shop for a super fun family vacation in Ocean City!
Amenities include a spacious front porch overlooking the boardwalk and beach, 4 dining venues on site, daily live entertainment, olympic size outdoor pool, complimentary Wi-Fi and free guest parking (1 car per room) 
Plim Plaza Hotel

Recent Reviews

Plim Plaza Hotel
Sigil Hunter : 1 on 1/5/2024 1:55 am
I have stayed in multiple hotels across 12 states and I can safely say this is the worse. Once you move out of the lobby, you're immediately hit with an intense mildew smell. The floors felt like I was about to put my foot through them with every step. Once we finally made it to our room, we were greeted by a massive cockroach writhing in the middle of the floor. Tried to get a refund from the front desk only to be told " the manager is out and won't be back for a few days" but they can give me some bug spray. You'd honestly be better off sleeping in a tent under the pier.
1 5
Plim Plaza Hotel
Linda Snyder : 5 on 11/1/2023 10:29 am
We were scheduled to stay for the week of 10/16/23. That day we found out my brother in law wasn't going to live. I called fully expecting to pay since I didn't cancel till the day we were to arrive. The person I spoke with was wonderful. They returned our deposit and was so sympathetic to our sad news. We will definitely be staying there in the spring. Thank you for being so compassionate. Linda Snyder
5 5
Plim Plaza Hotel
Jess icaaa : 2 on 9/17/2023 12:26 am
It's a great location. Staff was friendly, in my experience. The main problem was our room. The bathroom had broken floor tiles by the entrance. Cracked and coming apart. The carpet was stained with who knows what. Sheets and bedding were questionable in terms of cleanliness. I couldn't sleep properly or get rest with the music going on for most of my stay. Very noisy in general. The hallways near the vending machine on the third floor were filthy. Someone left a bag of trash where the soda and ice machine is located, and flies were swarming around it. Oh and we had multiple flies in our room upon arrival. Once one appeared, after we got rid of the others, it seemed another did. This is not the place to go if you want to rest after a day out or a retreat from the heat. I was coughing a lot after sleeping and couldn't wait to get out of the room. The water pressure was awful.
I absolutely would not recommend it for children. They could easily get hurt here. The elevator worked oddly and closed on my arm once after being open for about 3 seconds. Two of the spas weren't working great, but it was cleaned well. The outside of the hotel is much cleaner, but people do smoke in the back near the bar and pool. The pool was very nice.
Overall, not impressed. My stay here years ago was awesome. What happened???
2 5
Plim Plaza Hotel