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The Year 2010 marked the 35th anniversary of The Kite Loft, retailing kites, kite accessories, aerial toys, windsocks, banners, yard ornaments, and other fun products for everyone!
From its humble beginnings on a side street off the ocean in downtown Ocean City, Maryland, The Kite Loft now boasts two kite shop retail stores in Ocean City MD, with its headquarters on 5th Street on the Boardwalk. The Kite Loft hosts worldwide kiting events annually. These kiting events draw contestants, exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Contestants display their kite flying talents with stunt kites and other kites with unique kite flying abilities and wonders.
Entry into the Kite Loft store transports you to a world of brilliant colors, spinning windsocks, flying toys, whizzing rubberbands, floating kinetics, tinkling wind chimes, sky chairs, windwheels and, of course, lots of kites.
The Kite Loft was founded by Bill "King of the Wind" Ochse, who by his sheer energy and natural charisma managed to elevate Ocean City to its status of Kite Capital of the World by 1978. Currently, The Kite Loft is owned and operated by Jay and Mary Lynn Knerr who have strived to maintain that status. Ocean City, Maryland hosts two International Kite Festivals, held every last weekend in April and third weekend after Labor Day.
Kite Loft

Recent Reviews

Kite Loft
Rochele Roberts : 5 on 6/21/2024 1:09 pm
We were told the boardwalk has a larger variety, but zero interest in the boardwalk so we came here. Great selection. We can’t wait to fly our new addition. Many others gifts and fun things to purchase as well such as t shirts, puzzles, flags etc.
5 5
Kite Loft
Jessie Ward : 4 on 8/3/2022 7:02 pm
The lady working was very nice and helpful, but this store was much smaller than the one on the boardwalk, which was disappointing.
We flew our kite this morning. We need to get the hang of it, but it was beautiful.
4 5
Kite Loft
Sandra Moore : 4 on 9/23/2017 7:42 pm
Never has "go fly a kite" been so welcoming to hear. Unique selection.
4 5
Kite Loft