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Coastal Fitness is the largest and most comprehensive fitness center in Ocean City, and offers membership options for everyone, from weekenders to OC locals. Enjoy a full range of best-in-class training equipment, powerful group fitness classes, and unlimited pool access.
If you need some extra motivation, consider working with a Personal Trainer. The excellent trainers at Coastal Fitness will design an individualized workout with your needs in mind. Group training packages are also available, so you can train with your friends and family.
No sun? No problem! Coastal Fitness has sunless bed tanning packages that will keep you glowing all year long. 
Come in for an great workout, and discover so much more. At Coastal Fitness, every hour is Happy Hour.    
Coastal Fitness

Recent Reviews

Coastal Fitness
Lucas Kunkel : 4 on 7/20/2023 4:50 pm
Overall great gym, good equipment (some of it older but well maintained). There is a good selection of equipment granted its very tight and many machines only have a couple inches between them, although I’d say that isn’t a concern for most people. The rates aren’t the best, but if you have an edge fit membership the week pass is only $25 and day pass is only $5. I will say that most of the cardio equipment is well past its prime with damaged buttons ect.
4 5
Coastal Fitness
Ben Harrison : 4 on 4/24/2023 12:01 pm
Got a one day pass on a weekend trip. Good gym, has all the equipment you would expect. Lockers are available and I wasn't charged extra. The only negative is that the rope attachment for the cable machine was very worn out, and there was only one I could find. Otherwise its a very serviceable and convenient gym.
4 5
Coastal Fitness
George : 1 on 7/17/2023 9:17 pm
If you're a serious gym goer, this place is awful. The cables are frayed and ready to snap, they get caught on the pulleys. They do have a good hack squat and leg press. If you want to hit legs, this place isn't bad. I had an amazing leg day there. Same for chest, althought there are no converging presses which makes the workout automatically inferior. Awful for any other day. The prices are also insane for what you get, 100$ a week and you can't even replace broken cables for your guests? Lol. There's also a smith machine but there is only 1 bench. And the sarm goblins steal it for the squat racks. So you'll never use the smith machine unless you want to do some standing military presses or Bulgarian split squats with a box. Bathrooms are also filthy. Goodluck finding hand sanitizer and soap anywhere in the gym haha. Won't be coming back to say the least, good staff tho.
1 5
Coastal Fitness