Cayman Suites Hotel

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Spend your days enjoying the sunshine, beach, golf courses and other fabulous resort activities. Spend the rest of the time enjoying the abundant amenities you'll find in our well-appointed suites.

Enjoy a swim in our glass-enclosed heated pool, stop by our fitness room for an early morning or late afternoon workout, or relax savoring a beautiful sunset on your very own balcony.

Located in north Ocean City, we're convenient to the City's Northside Park recreation complex. The park has facilities for many outdoor and indoor sports, including softball and soccer, and hosts numerous tournaments yearly. Sunday summer concerts in the park are free. The jogging paths are transformed each winter into the City's now famous dazzling "Winterfest of Lights."

The hotel is in the ocean block with no major streets to cross to the beach.
Cayman Suites Hotel

Recent Reviews

Cayman Suites Hotel
Robert Howley : 5 on 5/25/2024 3:39 am
Good hotel at a great price, spacious rooms in a fantastic location. Danny the front desk host was incredibly gracious and patient I’m grateful for her hospitality and service.🌞
5 5
Cayman Suites Hotel
Mason Sullivan : 1 on 8/14/2023 7:57 pm
Upon arrival the property and room seemed nice enough. After waking up after our first night sleep we noticed a bug in the room, upon further inspection it was a cockroach. We decided to head down to the front desk to see what could be done. As we were talking to the person at the front desk two other guest heard our complaints and asked if we were talking about the bugs because they had been getting bit all night long. So not only do the have roaches, they also have bedbugs. After no resolution was met with the front desk we were referred to the manager who was conveniently off duty. When we arrived back to our room we found another roach. We talked to the manager over the phone who was no help and extremely rude. We expressed that we would like to leave and simply be refunded for the nights we would not be staying. This seemed to be too difficult for the apparent manager who said he could not issue a refund. For our inconvenience we were offered a 5% discount on our rate, which is a joke. I would definitely steer clear of this place as the management seems to be incompetent and lack the care to make sure their guest are pleased. We took our business to another hotel that has been nothing but exceptional.
1 5
Cayman Suites Hotel
Allen Clark : 1 on 8/13/2023 2:06 am
Although the location is great, my family and I will not be coming back. The kitchen area had ants. Some of the towels were dirty and had crud on them. 2 lights didn't work. The stove didn't heat up properly, I could not boil water. Good thing we had a short stay, or I wouldn't have lasted. Don't let the photos fool you. This place is extremely dirty. They do not clean properly. Witnessed staff using a towel to mop. Those same towels probably get distributed to guests for showers. Absolutely gross. 😝
1 5
Cayman Suites Hotel