Anna's Place Apartments

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Annas Place Apartments are located on 7th Street only one short block to the beach. Each Apartment sleeps 6-12 people. Come and feel the pure joy of breaking far away to enjoy the freedom of the beach. Let the constant rumble of waves relax you while chill in' out under a big beach umbrella. Ocean City and Annas Place Apartments are waiting with open arms and open beaches to help your group make some memories at the beach to keep for a lifetime.
Anna's Place Apartments

Recent Reviews

Anna's Place Apartments
Ari Younes : 1 on 6/18/2024 3:50 pm
The owners were very nice and welcoming, no complaints about them. Very helpful people. The house itself made everyone sick. The second night we stayed there everyone in the house got runny noses and a bad cough. One girl we stayed with had to go get medicine. The place wasn’t thoroughly cleaned and there had to be something in the AC vents that made us all sick because once we got back from vacation everyone started to get better but we still all have lingering phlegmy coughs.
1 5
Anna's Place Apartments
Eydie Lieberman : 5 on 11/1/2018 1:37 am
If you want an immaculate beautifully maintained vacation spot that won't wipe out your retirement account stay at Anna's Place in Ocean City Maryland. It's the location where everyone wants to be when they visit "Oh-Cee Maryland" You're literally just a few steps from all the hot spots...the boardwalk, the beach, entertainment & SHOPPING!!👙🕶
The owner puts his heart & soul into this quintessential vacation spot. As soon as you set foot onto the property and see the bubbling koi pond, the cute garden where you can relax in the mornings with your coffee and evenings with a cocktail it's quite clear that the owner puts more than just up keep & maintenance into Anna's Place, its cared for with lots of TLC. Throw in that it's also extremely reasonably priced too. I know that I'll be staying at Anna's Place whenever I'm in Ocean city!
You should too, just not when I'm there 😉😁
5 5
Anna's Place Apartments
Valrie Smith : 5 on 8/9/2018 11:20 pm
My second time staying at Anna's place and I've no complaints. Very clean and friendly staff. Its awesome there and so close to the beach Perfect for family vacations
5 5
Anna's Place Apartments