The Admiral Hotel, located on 9th and 10th street, offers its guests a number of amenities that will make their time in Ocean City unforgettable. Close to the Boardwalk and the Beach, guests have a number of options for food and shopping or just relaxing in the sun. 
Admiral Hotel

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Admiral Hotel
loretta smith : 5 on 7/7/2023 4:40 pm
We absolutely LOVE it here. We come here every year, and we can't speak more highly enough about Tom who is always so willing to work with us and is so helpful and treats us like family here because we have been coming here for so ma years years now. We came into a little small run-in's this year that made it a little challenging this year, for instance, when we first checked in, the Cleaning people had the chain locked so we had to walk all the way around just to get I to our room, they left us with no toilet paper this year, so we immediately had to go and ask for some, and for an apartment that sleeps 10, we only had 2 sets of towels for showering. We also quickly discovered that there is only one small burner on the stove that works to cook with, but we have been making do with what we have. These are all things that can be fixed and some that were easily fixed just by asking. The only other thing that I personally will say I was truly disappointed in this year was that they didn't clean the pool like I've seen them do in the past, and I've seen some pretty gross things from other people, so now I don't want to get back in the pool. So if you're sort of a cleanliness freak like me, might want to hold off on the pool, or ask them about cleaning it. This place overall though is absolutely amazing, pretty close to the boardwalk , just one street over from the boardwalk , so quite convenient, I highly recommend this place to any and everyone.
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Admiral Hotel
Theresa Gull : 1 on 8/20/2023 10:35 pm
We just returned from our seven-day stay at The Admiral Hotel, located at 813 Baltimore Avenue, Ocean City, MD. I have to give you guys a heads up before you give this establishment any of your hard-earned money.

Parking - this is a large establishment with several buildings. The lot next to where we stayed - adjacent the pool - had room for maybe 8 cars? The other lot was behind the hotel about a 1/2 block away. Not a big deal unless you are loading and unloading!

The apartment had 2 bedrooms, a Murphy bed and sofa bed, full kitchen, dining room table, and a nice sized bathroom. All was very clean besides a bit dirty under the toilet, on the porcelain.

The patio was another story. Five cheap, white dollar store chairs (one broken) were absolutely FILTHY. The white coffee table was also disgusting. I got my own cleaner and cleaned it. AND THE ANTS…..the ants were everywhere.

The decor was beach home 80’s and everything is in need of an upgrade. Paint was chipped, paneling, and ocean themed paintings decorated the walls. The doors had a lock on the door handle and a chain lock. Like you were staying at someone’s house. It didn’t appear safe to me.

There was one blanket on a bed in one of the rooms. The beds were made with white mattress covers as blankets. No additional sheets or blankets were provided.

The Wi-Fi password they posted in the office was incorrect (Admiral813). I tried it, the kids tried it, even variations of the password. SOMETHING wasn’t right and they had no interest in fixing it.

The phone didn’t work. Apparently they could see it was us calling but couldn’t hear us. We heard NOTHING. So if we needed towels, toilet tissue - we had to walk to the office. They told us all we had to do was call, they will see our room number, and would come to our room. That never happened.

The only hotel employees we saw were whoever was at the front desk, an employee named “J-O” (only on the Monday we arrived) and another man who was cutting grass on Wednesday. No one came to make beds, or bring fresh linens, or toilet paper.

We had to buy big black trash bags as there was no trash can except in the bathroom. We asked the front desk where to put the trash and they told us to leave it outside our door - the hallways are tiny and our neighbor’s door was about 6 feet from ours. Clearly we couldn’t do that so it sat on the front porch, as well as all the other bags we had for a few days before it was picked up.

This is the first time I rented a hotel apartment in Ocean City. I didn’t even think to ask if we needed to bring our own pots and pans, cooking utensils, dishes, etc. Having rented a vacation apartment before, everything was provided, you just had to provide the food….not so much here. A full sized kitchen, complete with a scarred and scratched up dining room table. Empty cabinets and drawers awaited us. We went directly to the store and bought paper plates, paper towels, snacks and things we could make in the microwave. They had to replace the microwave because it was a fire hazard - paint peeling, rusting on the inside. The one they replaced it with was suitable to use. This added AT LEAST another $1,500 to what we intended to spend because we had to eat out for EVERY MEAL. I guess it’s my bad because I didn’t ask when I made the reservation. You would think this is something the hotel would tell us beforehand.

The pool is much smaller than in the pictures the site provides, and just doesn’t look clean. My girls said it didn’t even smell like chlorine was used - they went in once.

Be aware that you can hear EVERYTHING - the 13 people in the apartment above me, their kids ran all hours of the night. It didn’t bother us because we were out all day and exhausted when we returned.

If you’ve been to Ocean City recently you KNOW how expensive it is for EVERYTHING! Do your research and DEFINITELY mark The Admiral Hotel off of the list of where you want to stay.
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Admiral Hotel
henrietta patricks : 1 on 8/20/2023 8:11 pm
The location was great It was vary close to the bordwalk but the rooms and the "hotel" Its self was disgusting the bathrooms were moldy and the bed sheets had stains on It and the room doors where incredibly hard to open and close the service was horrable they didnt clean anything and would barge into the room you payed for to have you leave just before checkout time. Me and my family tried to spend as much time out of this MOTEL as posible and only went In to sleep, not even to shower thats how bad It was. over all I would rather spend my vaccation in a crack head house than ever step foot in this place again.
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Admiral Hotel