The Beach Plaza Hotel announced that they will be closing permanently, marking the end of an era for the Ocean City hospitality scene. 

Beach Plaza Hotel

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Beach Plaza Hotel
Tina Glass : 5 on 7/10/2019 7:35 pm
I cannot see how anyone could give a bad review about Beach Plaza! We booked our stay for the Fourth of July weekend. We originally booked an Ocean front hotel room to stay from Thursday - Monday. A couple of weeks before we went we received a call from hotel staff letting us know that there was an issue with overbooking, and were asked if we would mind being upgraded to an Ocean Front apartment instead. We said no problem. Let me tell you, this apartment was AMAZING. It was so clean, had everything you could possibly need, beds were so comfy, and THAT VIEW, WOW!! Loved having the sliding glass door access to sit on our balcony. It was perfect. We even watched the fireworks out there while we sipped on some drinks. The hotel staff was very professional, as was the cleaning staff. Every day that we came back from the beach, our room immaculate. We always had clean towels, fresh waters, and they even washed our dishes that were in the sink. We were just so happy here. We are definitely booking again!! Thank you Beach Plaza for an amazing stay! See you next year!
5 5
Beach Plaza Hotel
Neal Yeagley : 2 on 9/6/2020 7:51 pm
I for one appreciate nice places to visit and stay. I am not asking for the world but a nice place to visit and enjoy. I am here on Labor Day weekend and wanted a room with ocean front view from our room. Now granted, I booked this only about a week ago or so. Knowing that going forward, we booked the room because the staff was very good and communicated very well with me and the prices were very, very reasonable. No problem there for sure.

The problem was when we walked in and the first thing we noticed was that is was very outdated. Ok so be it.

The major problem was the room itself. Based on the photos on their website was very deceiving we believe. Listen, I don’t believe a room is perfect or should be especially when you have thousands of visitors per year. But wholly molly Batman, what we seen was just not moral or ethnical.

First the tile walls in the bathtub area we’re absolutely unclean and unfriendly, so much that i has to buy a very good cleaner and scrub brush to clean it myself and believe, you can see the difference.

Secondly, the air condition was “fair” at best. Very warm to say the least and uncomfortable when coming in from the beach.

Third, the refrigerator was pack with congealed layers of ice and was not cold when entering the room. Has slowly been colder but we have been here for over 24 hours, really????

Fourth, the beds were creeky as hell and the pillows very small. Can ask for more but already agitated.

Fifth, asked for clean towels and still waiting.

Sixth, rooms were very dusty behind the beds and closet for hanging clothes has a very bad odor. We sprayed Glade Air Freshner a few times but is tolerated at this time. Walls were ok for cleanliness but the air conditioner area has condensation building up and water drops falling from the area.

Seventh, one of the wall sockets when plugging in a light went zzztt. Next thing we know, the light bulb is blown. May be a danger or hazard ahead.

Eighth, bathroom door creeks so loud you can hear from a door or two down the hallway.

Ninth, the ice area on the second floor needs to be cleaned badly.

Tenth, when needing a desperate shower, the hot water was not even working. The front desk employee told me to turn on the hot water and leave it run till it builds up and gets hot. What would happened if I had an emergency meeting or commitment to go to at the last minute since I am a business owner myself.

Eleventh, I give them a two star rating ONLY because of the staff being no nice and communication was very damn good.

I will not be looking for a hotel at the last minute anymore, I can assure you. I also will NOT be coming back for what I thought would be a enjoyable vacation coming back to Ocean City for the first time in over 25 years. It may be another 25 if I live that long especially at 60 years old.

So sorry I had to write this but it needed to be done in my opinion as I rarely ever write a bad review. This is my first in about 8 years.

It is pretty bad when you feel you walked into a room feeling unfriendly when it comes to expectation of a clean room. Dust for sure and areas of hotel that need a Swifter and should easily be controlled and maintained.
2 5
Beach Plaza Hotel
Shannon Muro : 3 on 7/11/2020 2:13 am
Overall, I liked how unique the hotel is designed with a bunch of old vintage furniture from the past. I really loved the front porch balcony out front the hotel where you can chill and relax on the rocking chair and enjoy the ocean view. When I got into my room, it was clean and neat, but there was yellow stains on the bed sheets, which was very disappointing. I felt like the room and bathroom was too small considering how much I paid for the hotel, but you get what you get am I right? Though, little things that need to improve on the hotel could be a convenient mini fridge in the rooms. Also, when you walk upstairs, all you can smell is smoke and it's very unpleasant to smell.
3 5
Beach Plaza Hotel